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We have finished our first year in existence as a VHPA Chapter in the great state of ALASKA! By recognizing the pilots of Viet Nam and expanding our chapter to other Military and Alaskan pilots and crews we will work in conjunction with Our National VHPA. We are dedicated to the objectives of the VHPA and to the fulfillment of purpose: There is Pride in knowing WE FLEW!

Our get together at the Palmer Ale House was a blast! Good membership participation and really good food. The Midnight Sun car show and

music was a nice plus ........ not to mention decent weather. OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE THE 5TH OF DECMEBER, A STEAK NIGHT AT THE MOUNTIAN VIEW VFW.  Cocktails from 5:30 to 6:15 and guest presentation from 6:15 to 7:00 followed by dinner.
 We have a special guest who will be presenting some very nice stuff to each member attending
Don't miss this one!!!!!

If you were not at the Reunion this year missed out! It was a BLAST!!! I can't believe that I waited, with all the usual excuses, for so many years. It was well organized, lots of things to do and see, good food and lot and lots of good friends that I haven't seen for a long long time! Next year the Reunion will get out of the July 4th routine and it will be in Washington DC THE END OF AUGUST. There goes that excuse!

We also want to welcome our newest members  ...... Welcome  JOE RILEY and ROBERT CLARK
Joe rode with the Dark Horse and the Playboys and Robert was with the 9th Div, 62nd AVN BN 
Brings our membership up to 35!

Our Veterans Museum  Vietnam display is very nice, we invite all to go by and check it out! They could also use some volunteer help a couple of hours each month at the museum, so think about it! Thanks to Tim and Terry for their volunteer efforts.

Membership dues for 2015 will be via a donation from our members. No set amount, what ever your feel you can give to help us stay strong. We now can accept larger donations to cover two years at a time! Keeping it simple!
Spent some time in Fairbanks with Matt and Francis and caught one of our newest members there. Had a great hamburger and really enjoyed talking with them. Got to find a way to get Fairbanks folks more involved!


EIN # 37-1699024

Membership applications and levels of membership available NOW see page #2!
  We are growing! 

    Check out Page #3 ....Members page ...Send in your photos!
Don't forget to get your PATCHES and BUMPER STICKERS! They look real nice.

WE need pictures of you and your unit for our members page, and for our Vietnam display at the Veterans Museum. Please send them to me!
Also check out page 4 ...real nice!
Ideas?? Suggestions??? Let us know, we really want your input!

Need more info .. contact Lynn Kile at
or Terry Vranick at  
or Matt Kato at (Fairbanks)
or David Buirge at
or Tim Kavanaugh at

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